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Hong Kong - Shopping

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When settling into a new place, you immediately need to know where and how to make purchases and how to pay for them. Most importantly where are the food shops? It is also good to find out about duty free shopping, so you can make the most of it! Paguro helps to make shopping a stress-free event.

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Local overview  

Shopping in Hong Kong will seem like heaven to some, and a pain for others. Hong Kong has almost everything you need, but you may have to go to many stores to get it. If you are searching for a special item, call The Community Advice Bureau and see if they know where to get it. Or, you can ask at many of the local associations, like the American Women’s Association, and someone is bound to be able to help you.

To find all those stores hidden in nooks, crannies, and parts of the city you’ve never been to, buy The Guide To Shopping In Hong Kong by Fiona Campbell.  Most bookstores will carry this book.

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