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Local information on expat destinations, from a global perspective. By expats for expats

Paguro Expat Guides 

A wealth of expatriate knowledge at your disposal to plan your expatriation to your destination. Here are the country and city guides already published. Any update, correction, addition needed? Contact 

Paguro's Expat Guides close some of the gaps between the information you can get from a guide book and brings it alive through the experience of expats 'on the ground'. No guide can fully capture the complexity of living in a foreign country or city. There comes a point where information becomes outdated, too generic or is too much from a single culture's viewpoint.

We recognizes the importance of the diversity and culture for the expatriate community when providing an insight into a location. At Paguro we aim to keep this ambitious project current. Paguro, which was born out of the co-operation of many expatriates, strives to ensure every move is a success. It is the contributing expats, who are the driving force behind Paguro success.

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