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City Guides - How Can You Help?

Translating into words the complexity of living in a new city is extremely difficult, even more so when it's a foreign city.

Paguro has addressed this by creating a platform where information is constantly updated and improved by expatriates for expatriates

The information, no longer limited to a single point of view, does not go stale, but constantly evolves to integrate each expatriate's knowledge, experience, cultural diversity and heritage. No more outdated information but a live connection with the expatriate world!

Paguro Destinations captures expatriates' knowledge and shares it with you where you most need it, right where you live: a guideline to settle and thrive anywhere in the world.

Paguro's ambitious project enlists the co-operation of the entire expatriate community, which is committed to improve expat life and make every move a success. Your suggestions, corrections or improvements are vital.

Wish to contribute your expat knowledge? Become a CITY GUIDE AUTHOR!

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