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Moving to the USA? | Fundamentals of Living in the Untes States

All you need to know about moving to the United States. Read about international schools in the United States, housing, rentals, taxation, and just living in the USA

All You Need to Know About Living and Moving to the United States


United States of America

About the USA






Without any doubt the USA is one of the most dynamic country on earth; a melting pot of diverse cultures, a vast country with something for everyone. It is also a country of big contrasts: be it the geography where vast expanses of wild lands exist next to huge conurbations, or be it the social landscape where the gap between rich and poor is somehow surprisingly wide, or be it the education standards that change widely from one state to the next,  from one city to another and even from one neighborhood to the next.

Security and safety is one of the main concerns of the population. More so in big cities rather than small towns and there is a significant infrastructure built around the need to feel secure (insurances, security systems, police patrols, self-defence courses, weapons handling etc.), so be prepared to deal with all these issues.

Expatriates in the USA find a strong customer service oriented culture and settling in is relatively painless with regard to paperwork and any kind of assistance for large and small purchases (house, cars, furniture etc.).

The lack of a credit history though can be an issue at the beginning.

Last but not least the USA is the country where shopping can rightfully be considered a national sport. Sales abound all year round and every month has an occasion to lure customers to buy at discounted prices. Beware! Try not to fall into the trap of spending more than you earn. This is easy to do since the USA  is also a "credit-oriented" society and pawn-shops litter the urban landscape of small and big cities alike.

If you are a sports addict, you have certainly found your place! Particularly if golfing is your favourite sport.

We cut it short here because there is so much to say that it would take pages and pages to cover it all and we do not want to hold you back. In fact it is about time you get on with your live experience.
There is a lot on offer in the USA and as the saying goes, since the beauty is in the eye of the beholder... start looking!

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