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Moving to Norway? | Fundamentals of Living in Norway

All you need to know about moving to Norway. Read about international schools in Norway, housing, rentals, taxation, and just living in Norway

All You Need to Know About Living and Moving to Norway









 Oslo aerial view

Beautiful Oslo will welcome you and your family for an unforgettable expatriate experience

Welcome to Norway, the land of the Midnight Sun!

Norway is a country with long coasts and a lots of mountains and plenty of space for the four million people who live there. The climate ranges from mild and long Summer days to short and cold days in the Winter. Seasons are distinct, with an intensely green Spring, when you can see everything grow fast by the day, to colourful Autumn days, with the trees and the sunsets in colors like they are on fire! Frost comes early and it may suddenly snow in May! The Norwegians enjoy spending time outdoors and children play in the snow even in temperatures down to minus ten degrees.
Skiing is the national sport  and there are plenty of opportunities to try your cross country or down-hill skiing skills. In Summer, get your bike out and enjoy the country lanes or forest tracks!
Fjords, lakes, and coastlines offer an abundance of beaches, places for fishing or walks. By law, the coast line is accessible to the public, as is also the case for mountain areas, even if it may be privately owned....
The average education level in Norway is very high. English is widely spoken, and not just by the younger generation. Norway is becoming increasingly international, so in Oslo, you can find communities who have a  variety of languages and cultures. There are also the Sami people in the north, who speak a totally different language.

Enjoy your stay!