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Hong Kong - Tourism

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One of the greatest benefits of being an expat has to be the travel opportunities. What is there to see and visit? Where could you go on holiday when you live in this part of the world? How easy is it to travel with children or senior family members? How do you book tickets and where do you get travel information? Paguro has the most important travel information right here!

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 Local overview

Hong Kong is a travel hub for Asia, so it is an easy jumping off point to explore the area.  Asia is an extremely diverse area and in three hours or less, you can be relaxing at a beach, skiing in Japan, site seeing in Vietnam, or having a massage in Thailand. There is plenty to see and do!

Advice to Newcomers
Many airlines have fantastic package deals to different destinations that are almost the same price as the ticket alone and well worth looking into! Otherwise, ask people for advice on where to go, where to stay, and what to do. Most ex-pats take advantage of the easy travel in Hong Kong and have explored quite a bit. They will be able to tell you where to go for sheer luxury, or a backpacking vacation. Asia awaits!

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