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Munich - Housing

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 Keep in mind that your choice of where to live will be guided first and foremost by accessibility to schools, commuting distance to the office or airport. It is also important to verify the distance from medical facilities, shopping in general and grocery shopping in particular. Important to consider to some is also the distance to a religious centre.

Along with Frankfurt, Munich is the city with the most expensive housing in Germany. In the city centre, residential buildings intermingle with commercial premises. Apartments are the main accommodation available in the city and suburbs that are easily accessible by U-Bahn.
A little further out, multi-family dwellings become more common, although you will generally not find a 'house with a garden' until you travel much further out from the city where there is little public transport.

In addition to information on all the above, Paguro also has a list of hotels and temporary accommodation for you to stay in while you find your dream home.



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