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Paguro's unique global and local community is your passport to a happy expatriation experience

 Same name, same address, exciting new format! 

Paguro BuZz 

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This is the interactive core of Paguro, the place where you can bee part of the buzz, or rather the Paguro BuZz, the Paguro community, where you can connect with other expatriates around the world through expat networks and share your own expat information through your dedicated web space.

Paguro BuZz is a wonderful world where people living all over the globe can reach out and help each other smoothen their transitions into and out of locations. Keeping in touch with old friends is a great tonic when your life has just been turned upside down by moving to a new city. Finding someone to share your thoughts and concerns with in the new location is as vital and Paguro BuZz can help you do that!