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Munich - Housing Typology

What is available in terms of housing in Munich

A dormitory or old people's home. There are some of these centred around the university.

A building pre-dating 1949. Many such buildings in the Altstadt have been renovated to house people in individual apartments. Frequently the ground floor is a commercial premises.

A single building comprised of a house and barn. Of course there are none of these in the city centre or inner suburbs, but you see them frequently much further out.

Usually a single storey house, with only one household, hence the literal translation 'one family house'. Multi-storey buildings that look like an Einfamilienhaus probably have independent households living on each level, including the attic, which is called the "Dachgeschoss" (roof level).

Direct translation is a half-timbered house. These houses have a timber frame on the outside. They are not common in the city or suburbs, but in satellite suburbs.

Terrace house. Not that common.

A small house with a garden. Very rare!

A large, expensive house with a large garden. Even rarer!

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