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Munich - Furniture

Furniture 'Möbel'
There is one thing that must be said about furniture in Munich: it is expensive! As a result, most expats' houses are identically decorated in furniture purchased from Ikea. Currently there are two Ikeas, with plans for a third. Ikea is located all the way out in Eching (towards the airport), and at Ottobrunn, a similar distance away in Munich's south. Despite its distance from the centre of Munich, any time you go to Ikea it is always jam-packed leading to very long queues at the check-outs. Be warned, Ikea does not accept credit cards.

Another comparatively inexpensive furniture dealer is Segmüller. Their inner city showroom is on Sonnenstr.

Furniture stores within the city centre have much shorter business hours than other shops. 

When buying furniture, it is advisable to take a suitable vehicle and enough manpower to take the furniture home with you. Author's note: Although the German standard of customer service is generally poor, it hits an all-time low when it comes to furniture delivery. The deliverers call you and tell you when the goods will be delivered, within a nominal 6-hour window. You cannot request a preferred delivery time in advance, and the time period you are told is not negotiable. Depending on the firm, if you are not home they may leave the goods outside your door or take it back to the warehouse so that the whole process has to be repeated.


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