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Hong Kong - Teenagers

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Has a move turned your whole world upside down? Made you feel different or the odd one out? It is hard to leave behind a familiar world, but it is even harder facing a new one without any preparation. You study hard, so you need time off to unwind and have some fun.  Perhaps you need to start a hobbyor find a fun and safe activity close to home. Paguro has provided this section to give you a head start. You will also find information on schools, further education, sports, hobbies, clubs and the legal driving and drinking age.

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Local overview

Getting a membership to one of the recreactional clubs, such as the American Club, Cricket Club, Football Club, etc is one way for teens to meet other teens.



There are many malls around Hong Kong where teens lounge about during the summer to stay out of the heat.

The legal drinking age is 18, but many teens find bars a place to socialize on the week-end. 

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