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Hong Kong - Money

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Once you know the currency and exchange rate, it is easier to compare prices, make purchases and estimate the daily living expenses. You will also need to open a bank account.  And what about taxes, pensions and saving plans? Paguro has looked into all this and the information you need is right here.

Local overview  

When coming to Hong Kong it is best to bring some cash that can be exchanged at the airport to get you started, but the majority of your exchanges should be through an ATM.  You will be charged a service fee from your bank, but you will get a better exchange rate.  ATMs are plentiful in Hong Kong.  HSBC ATMs will accept Global Access, Mastercard, Visa, Cirrus Mondex, Plus system, and Mondex.  You can pay for most things with a credit card—such as hotels, restaurants, groceries, clothing in stores (not the markets), the movies, etc. You will need cash for public transportation.

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