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Hong Kong - Jobs

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Couples that do take the overseas route show an incredible commitment to the family as it is common to have one of the partners following a career path while the other partner tags along. Strategies are needed to help the trailing spouse find a job or other pursuits, as this set-up could become a source of unhappiness and distress for the family. Paguro provides information and answers your questions about job opportunities or how to rethink a career.

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Local overview

During this economic downturn, it is difficult to find a job in Hong Kong in certain professions. There are plenty of opportunities to teach English if you are a native English speaker, and if you are flexible and do not have a specific job in mind, you should be able to find something to occupy your time and use your skills. 

If you have come to Hong Kong with your spouse, you will have a dependant's visa which enables you to work without getting a special work visa. If you have come to Hong Kong with your partner, and are not married, then finding a job will be doubly difficult as you will not have a dependant's visa. The company hiring you will have to sponsor you for a work visa, which many local companies do not want to do. 

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