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Travel and transport within Sophia Antipolis

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Hong Kong - Asociación de Mujeres de Habla Hispana: Nuestra Misión
las mujeres de habla hispana residentes de Hong Kong SAR
Houston - Benvenuti!
A tutte le Italiane in arrivo un invito a partecipare alla vita del Gruppo delle Italiane di Houston
Hong Kong - Expat Associations
For anyone interested in speaking other languages beside English and to meet other, fellow expatriates
Copenhagen - Expat associations
A list of useful expat associations in and around Copenhagen
Paris - Expat associations
Sophia Antipolis - Expat associations
Munich - Expat associations
gruppo di italiane residenti a Houston
Siamo un gruppo di amiche residenti a Houston, chi in maniera permanente, chi di passaggio. Ci troviamo almeno una volta al mese per un caffe' (espresso, rigorosamente all'italiana) e per parlare del piu' e del meno. Ci teniamo in contatto email tramite un gruppo su yahoo, questo:
Kuwait - Expat associations and social clubs
Kuwait has a lively expatriate community that is organized in various clubs and associations. Explore and find your way around.
Mexico City - Expat Associations
Oslo - Expat Associations
Paris con chicos
Singapore - Expat Associations
Stockholm - Expat associations
Houston - Expat Associations
Associations and clubs for various nationalities and languages. A good starting point for socialising with compatriots or to get in touch with the international community.
Worldwide - Expat Networks
Some links to organizations active internationally or virtually in various languages. Are we missing something important? Write to us at [email protected] or ADD COMMENT at the bottom of the page
Comment Hong Kong Expat - Your International Health Insurance
Hong Kong Expat - Your International Health Insurance
Expat Networks Directory
Find expat networks around the world
Expat Networks
expat groups at a global or local level. Feel free to add to it!
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