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Worldwide - Expat Networks

Some links to organizations active internationally or virtually in various languages. Are we missing something important? Write to us at [email protected] or ADD COMMENT at the bottom of the page

Chinese - English

Chinese Heritage Centre
The communities of Chinese outside China are linked not only by common ancestry but by common traditions, memories, beliefs, customs, manners and even skills. These elements form an integral part of the 'Heritage' to which the name of the Centre refers. 
English and Chinese.

Zaobao is a Chinese portal that offers news content of Lianhe Zaobao and overseas Chinese newspapers with a host of Web features and services aimed at Chinese-speaking audiences around the world. It boasts millions of unique visitors every month. Almost exclusively Chinese, some English.

Dragon Foundation
The Dragon Foundation was established in Hong Kong in February 2000 with a mission of nurturing young people of Chinese origin worldwide to become leaders of their generation.

The objective of the organisation is to develop a network of websites for all officially registered Chinese Community Centres and Associations around the globe. The websites will operate under the network at all times. The initial focus of is the Countries of the United Kingdom, North America and Australasia. 
Chinese and English.


The International Women's Contact of Amsterdam aimed at increasing and promoting friendship for all Nationalities with emphasis on gaining a better understanding of Dutch life and culture.The link address is:


American Citizens Abroad
A non profit non partisan association dedicated to serving and defending the interests of individual US citizens living abroad. 

Association of Americans Resident Overseas (AARO)
A not-for-profit, non-partisan, public service organization representing United States citizens living abroad. The associations mission is to seek fair and equal treatment from the US government for Americans living and working abroad; to inform AARO members of issues affecting them; to build awareness in the United States of the role played by Americans overseas. website:

Australians Abroad

The Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas
The Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas Inc. is an international network of 76 independent clubs with a combined membership of over 17,000 women in 34 countries worldwide. It serves as a support network for American women living and working abroad and is particularly active in the fields of U.S. citizens' concerns, education, environmental protection, and women's and children's rights.

Hanoi International Women's Club
The Hanoi International Women's Club (HIWC) is a non-profit group whose membership is open to all expatriate women living in Vietnam. The objectives of the HIWC are to promote the development of social, charitable and cultural activities among its members, the Hanoi based expatriate community, and the people of Vietnam; and to provide a forum for expatriate women to identify and discuss issues of common interest regarding their personal and professional lives in Vietnam.

International Student Travel Federation
The ISTC is a network of the world's leading student travel specialists and has been promoting the cause of student travel for over 50 years. This network of 5000 student travel organisations spans over 100 countries. website:

Newcomers Club
A directory of clubs and organizations in the United Kingdom, whose aims are to give people new to the area the opportunity to meet and develop friendships with others who live in the area.
Many of these groups have general meetings and interest groups which encourage members to learn about their new city, its culture, activities, lifestyle, and to develop friendships by sharing interests and hobbies with each other.

Newcomers Network
A lively website for anyone reaching Australia or moving within it. Events and information about various cities in Australia.

Aberdeen Petroleum Women’s Club
Aberdeen Petroleum Women’s Club is a historical milestone in the expatriation arena.

Petroleum Wives Cub
Any woman who has an interest in making new friendships, helping the community, expanding her cultural horizon, or just needs a friend in a new city (Stavanger) can join. The PWC especially welcomes residents of Norway and expatriates who are not associated with the oil industry. Everyone is welcome to join the club.

The Daughters of the British Empire
For over three quarters of a century, 'The Daughters of the British Empire'  in the U.S.A. has been a common bond for women of British heritage living in America. Members, joining together in fellowship, contribute significantly to the good of their local communities and support the four retirement homes for men and women established by the DBE.

Filipino (Tagalog) 

Babaylan: Philippine Women's Forum
Babaylan is the title given to the priestesses in the Philippines in pre-Spanish times. The Babaylan acted as healers and exercised leadership roles in all aspects of community life.
European Secretariat c/o Mary Lou U. Hardillo
Tel: + 49 (0) 2234  965 733
Fax: + 49 (0) 2234 965 734
email: [email protected] or[email protected]


Conseil Supérior de Française de l’étranger
Official sites for French people already resident abroad or in the process to move overseas.
Site of the High Council for French Expatriates, whose task is to help and defend the rights and interests of citizens overseas - especially related to social protection, security, study grants, employment and vocational training - when dealing with public services. Mostly French (some German and English).

Français du Monde
Français du Monde rassemble tous les Français qui, hors de France, partagent les idéaux et les valeurs de justice sociale, de pluralisme, de tolérance, de démocratie, de solidarité.
The site is in french only

French association in Rome
The site is in french only

French Association in Rio de Janeiro

Union des Francais de l'Etranger
Union des Francais de l'Etranger (UFE) is to assist its members in having the most pleasant stay possible in Jakarta. The association is open to all French-speaking families regardless of nationality.  Its current membership includes 120 families.
All activities are held in French


Ministero degli Affari Esteri
Official site of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Italian residents overseas.
Information also for foreigners, but only in Italian, sic !

Some section, like the one indicated belowfor Visa to Italy, are in English, French and Spanish 

Associazione Italiani residenti all’Estero
Sito ufficiale del Ministro degli Esteri dedicato agli Italiani residenti all'estero.
Information for Italian moving overseas.
Sezione anagrafica per gli Italiani residenti all'estero.
Italian only.

Italians online
Portale planetario, presente in piu' di 60 paesi, che raggruppa gli Italiani espatriati, esterofili, rimpatriati, e costituisce un comitato di accoglienza per gli Italiani nel mondo.
email: [email protected]


Seamen's Church - Norwegian Church and Seamen's Mission
The Norwegian Seamen’s Mission was established to secure the moral and religious education of Scandinavian seafarers, but also to give them a "breathing room" where a fellow countryman was available to lend an ear and give some attention. Today, the churches and their staff together with travelling priests and lay people around the globe represent a "resource center" for all Norwegians and other scandinavian citizens travelling internationally. Each church is run independently and it is based on help from volunteers. The funds are collected through annual festive events.

Russian - English

The virtual community for English-speaking expats and Russians


Woment expat sites (dedicated to women and children)  (expatriate women website with forums in french, english and italian) 

Houston, Dubai or Norway
Here are some expat groups you can join free of charge:  - Info on Norway (portail Français aux Etats-Unis) 

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