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Oslo - Expat Associations



American Women's Club
The club is primarily for women who are American citizens. Reservations are required. The meetings are held at:

  • Hanson Hall
    American Lutheran Church
    Fritznersg. 15
    Reservations are required.

Petroleum Wives Club (PWC)
This is an English-speaking women's club that welcomes expats of all nationalities, not only related to the oil business. Visitors and guests are welcome to any of the monthly meetings. Monthly meetings are held at Høvik Church Hall. Formality is kept to a minimum - no reservation is necessary except for the special June Lunch. PWC meetings are an ideal way for newcomers to meet people and listen to entertaining and informative speakers and take part in interesting activities.

The International Forum Oslo
The International Forum Oslo was founded in 1979. It has four fundamental aims: To promote friendship and co-operation between individuals of different nationalities, to help solve problems of a practical nature which foreigners might encounter in Norway, to further knowledge about the various cultural, social and economic backgrounds of the nations represented by its members, and finally, to widen the choice of cultural and social activities for foreigners in Norway. Reservations required. The Forum meets at:

  • Kreditkassen (Nordea)
    Middelthungsg. 17
    Tel: + 47 (22) 24 3513

Most of the international companies with many expats will have organisastions for spouses and families. Contact your personnel department for more information. Relocation companies could also help you find an expat organisation that suits you.

  • Filipino Norwegian Society
    P. Lochmannsg. 2
    Tel: + 47 (22) 71 7235



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