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France - Health

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 Is the health care system in your new location private or public? Do you need health insurance? How to find a doctor that speaks your language? What kind of services are available for the disabled, children with special needs and the elderly? What do you do in an emergency?

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France - Alternative Medicine
France - Doctors
France - Emergency Support Companies
Emergencies come in every flavour and, accordingly, there are various services available to foreigners to assist them in resolving unforeseen difficulties. However is always better to travel prepared, with the assurance of having an understanding on how these services work and how to subscribe.
France - Health System and Vocabulary
France - Health Care Companies
France - Health System
France - Health Vocabulary
France - Hospitals and Clinics
France - Vaccinations for Pets
France - Pregnancy and Childbirth
France - Special Need Children
France - Vaccinations

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