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France - Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicines like reflexology are not being reimbursed by the 'sécurité sociale' because they are not recognizsed by the French health system. The price of a consultation depends on the therapist.

Acupuncture and homeopathy are recognised by French social security and are therefore reimbursed under applicable rules. You should be aware though that even in this area there are constant changes and you should always make sure what is reimbursable before you undertake a treatment.

Backache? Headache? A solution: ostheopathy. This global therapy has just been recognised by the French health system.

Reflexology,  Chinese Medicine
Reflexology is not widely known and nothing has been legally regulated in the field. It's classified under massage therapy and it can be considered a part of kinesiology or physiotherapy. Since reflexology is not getting a proper response from official health professions, it's been taken over by an increasing number of 'reflexology practitioners' without legal certificates, who talk about anti-stress or reharmonizing reflexology so as to remain out of reach of the law. The law does not consider reflexology a medical science but a technique and thus positions reflexology in the so-called 'parallel medicine' or 'soft medicine' and apparently has no control of this either. If you want to have a consultation for reflexology, you have to go to a masseur. 
For addresses go to:  search masseur.

Many general practitioners in France are homeopaths as well. They make prescriptions for classic medicine as well as homeopathic treatments, which are not reimbursed by Social Security. Homeopathic medicines are available in pharmacies.

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