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Munich - Health

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Munich has an excellent health infrastructure with many hospitals, clinics and doctors to choose from. Expats need more than a little help to get sorted, when questions like "Do you need private health insurance?  and How do you find a doctor that speaks your language? What kind of services are available for the disabled, children with special needs and the elderly? What do you do in an emergency?" are commonplace. The answers are one click away. 


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Munich - Alternative Medicine
Alternative or complementary medicine in Munich
Munich - Children's Health
Munich - Death Overseas
Munich - Dental Care
Munich - Doctors
doctors, psychotherapists and mental health assistance
Munich - Health Insurance
Munich - Health Insurance Companies
Munich - Health Risks
Munich - Hospitals
Munich - Laboratories and Tests
Munich - Parent Support Groups
Munich - Pediatric Doctors
Munich - Pharmacies
Munich - Pregnancy and Childbirth
Munich - Services for the Disabled
Munich - Vaccinations

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