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Munich - Health Risks

Although there are no poisonous spiders or snakes in Germany, there are lots of wasps in Summer. These creatures will sting repeatedly if angered (shooing them away will make them angry). Wasps are attracted to sweet things, particularly soft drinks. Never drink a soft drink directly from a can (if a wasp has flown in there it could sting you in the mouth or the throat if swallowed). Use a straw or pour the liquid into a cup or glass. Do not try to destroy a wasp nest yourself - call 112 and get the fire brigade to do it for you. The German word for wasp is "Wespe".

An effective vaccine in Europe has not been devised yet.

The wood tick is common all over Europe. If you walk around forests, parks, camping grounds, tall grassy places, bushes etc, please take precautions. Wear long trousers and long sleeve shirts, boots with socks, use repellent on your skin (it will wear off after approximately two hours, so don’t forget to re-apply). After a walk search the body completely, especially the children’s (also around the hairline). If you find a tick, prompt removal of the attached tick is recommended. In case of any doubts, look up your physician.

Snow and Ice
In winter the temperature is frequently below zero, and the roads are icy and slippery. Similarly the footpaths become slippery too. Large piles of snow scraped to the side of the road make the road narrower and more difficult for pedestrians to exit quickly when crossing.


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