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Munich - Vaccinations

The list below is the vaccination program issued to children by the German Health Office.

  • From three months of age
    Diphtheria-Tetanus (DT), with a booster a minimum of six weeks later.
    Diphtheria-Whooping Cough-Tetanus (DPT), with two boosters, four weeks apart for children in at 'risk' situations.
    Poliomyelitis, with a booster a minimum of six weeks later. Can be taken in combination with Diphtheria-Tetanus.
  • From 15 months
    DT or DPT booster.
    Poliomyelitis booster.
  • 6 to 8 years
    TD booster at higher dose.
  • 10 years
    Polio booster.
  • 11-15 years
    Rubella for all girls, even if they have been previously immunised.
  • 10-year intervals
    Tetanus booster. Small dose Diphtheria booster.
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