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Munich - Children

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 Despite Bavaria having an overwhelmingly large catholic population, the tendency is towards smaller families. The legal provisions for child-rearing are very good. In addition to maternity leave, women may choose to take an 'Erziehungspause', which guarantees their job and health benefits until they return to work after their children have begun school. The government also offers financial assistance in the form of child endowment payments for people paying German taxes.

There is a publication available called "München Stadt für Kinder" (Munich city for children). Its 11 chapters cover family, childcare, housing, schools, education, games, sport, health, advice, law, finance and politics.
The book costs 7 Euro, or 5 Euro for 'frisch gebackene Eltern' (freshly-baked parents or first-time parents), and is available in most bookshops, as well as from the City Information Centre in Marienplatz.


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Germany - Children
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Germany - Children

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