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Munich - Bread, Cake and Pastries

Birthday Cakes "Geburtstags Kuchen"
The tradition of birthday cakes is upheld in Germany. The 'Geburtstagskind' (person whose birthday it is) chooses the flavour of the cake. Cakes can be as plain or as highly decorated as you want, homemade or store bought. As well as being iced, cakes are also decorated with the number of candles corresponding to the age of the Geburtstagskind. After singing 'Happy Birthday' (in English, because it sounds cooler!), the Geburtstagskind blows the candles out.

Generally the mother of the child makes the cake to their child requests - often a highly-decorated, artistic affair. If you feel you are not up to the task, most bakeries 'Bäckerei' or 'Konditorei' will have ready-made cakes to buy.

Leopoldstr 35
Tel: + 49 (0) 89 23 17 0036
There are several branches of Rischart throughout Munich. This one on Leopoldstr in the popular expact housing area, Schwabing, is also open on Sunday.

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