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Munich - Places for Children

Bavaria is very family-orientated, so children are welcomed in most public places. Lots of fun awaits you and your family in Munich.

You will find a wide variety of free and paid admission activities for children. All the places listed will be quite crowded on a Sunday, as Sunday is family day, a keenly-upheld tradition in Bavaria.

Children may find many of the museums listed in Museums and Exhibitions interesting. Of particular note for children with a science bent are the BMW Museum, Deutsches Museum and Museum Mensch und Natur which have interactive exhibits. Other places that children will particularly enjoy are:

Englischer Garten
Southern-most tip: Prinzregentenstr. Bordered by Königinstr to the west and the Isar river on the east. Just a short walk east from any U6 station north of Odeonsplatz.
The Englischer Garten is the largest municipal garden in the world. There are many paths through the garden for safe bike riding, large fields for picnics and ball sports, a lake called the 'Kleinhesseloher See' where you can hire row boats and pedal boats and feed the swans, ducks and geese who live there, go 'floating' (let the current carry you along) in the 'Eisbach'. There are also ping pong tables, basketball courts and adventure playgrounds for children aged under 16. These facilities can also be found along the banks of the Isar River.
In winter the park becomes covered in snow, and the small hill on which the Monopteros is built becomes a favourite for sledging.

Many cinemas have a separate 'Kinderkino' (kiddy cinema) program, where matinee screenings of children's movies are shown at discount prices for children and accompanying parents. See 'Cinemas' for a list of original language cinemas in Munich.

Olympia Park
The site of the 1972 Olympic Games has a large lake "Olympiasee" which has boat hire, an Olympic sized swimming pool, outdoor stadium for football games and pop concerts, and an indoor stadium. There is also a large hill 'Olympiaberg' with spectacular views of the city. Bike paths run through the entire park.

Reitschule (Horse-riding school)
If you have pre-teen daughters, no doubt they are obsessed with horses. The Reitschule is located close to the Englischer Garten where there are trails reserved for horses.

Schloss Nymphenburg
The canal leading up to Schloss Nymphenburg and the lakes within the grounds freeze over in winter and are ideal for ice-skating, sledging and 'Eisstocksliessen' which is a game like lawn bowls, but on ice!


  • Adventure Playground 'Abenteuerspielplatz'
    Albert-Schweitzer-str 24
    Tel: +
    49 (0) 89 6 70 1131
    There are several of these at various locations around Munich.
  • Bavaria Filmstadt
    Bavariafilmplz 7
    Tel: +
    49 (0) 89 64 99 2304
    Open daily: March - October 9am - 4pm November - February 10am - 3pm A bit like Universal Studios in America on a much smaller scale, minus the big rides. There is a 1.5 hour tour showing how movies and TV shows are made, plus stunt shows and original film sets to explore.
  • Children's Youth Museum
    Arnulfstr 3
    Tel: +
    49 (0) 89 55 8200
    Tue - Sun 11am - 5:30pm Full of interactive exhibits and also runs workshops.
  • Dschungelpalast
    Hansastr 42
    Tel: +
    49 (0) 89 769 5637
    Sunday 10am - 6pm day kicks off with a family brunch at 10am, followed by a movie and then a workshop from 3pm-6pm. Ring ahead to check the theme of the workshop, as they change every two or three weeks.
  • Märchenwald im Isartal
    Kräuterstr 39
    Tel: +
    49 (0) 8171 1 87 60
    Open daily from one week before Easter until mid-October 9am - 6pm (latest entry 4pm) Märchenwald is like a miniature Disneyland, with the emphasis on the original fairytale rather than the merchandising. There are over 20 fairytale exhibits with moving figures, where the stories are told at the touch of a button in either German or English. There are also rides, food stalls and the 14-room Märchenwald Hotel - hang on! This place really is a mini Disneyland!
  • Zoo 'Tierpark Hellabrunn'
    Tierparkstr 30
    Tel: +
    49 (0) 89 62 5080
    Combinations of animals displayed in the same exhibit is interesting! Oct - March 9am - 5pm Apr - Sep 8am - 6pm
  • Legoland Deutschland
    Legoland Allee
    Outside Munich mid-May until early November (check exact dates at Amazing displays of Lego, rides and hands-on Lego.
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