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Copenhagen - Food Shopping

Most Danes shop for their food in big supermarkets. They are, as in most places, big chains and there are a lot of them. The most widespread are: Føtex, Super Best, Brugsen, Irma, ISO.

Their prices are all very similar and each offers a lot of choices,  with usually a fish and meat delicatessen counter where you can ask for special cuts as well as some foreign food products.

If you have a big family, or a lot of visitors, we suggest you explore the discount supermarkets for every-day-product such as canned tomatoes, toilet paper, milk products, detergent etc. You find exactly the same brands, so you do not compromise quality... you just pay in some cases around 1/3 less.

Some popular discount supermarkets are: Netto, Fakta, Aldi, Rema 1000.

With increased variety of nationalities in the capital, due to immigration, you can also find a larger choice of foreigner food items.  

In areas where there is a larger number of immigrants of Arab or Turkish origin, you find many little shops with their preferred products.



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