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Copenhagen - Bakeries and Pastries

Danish bakeries are not just about bread, they are part of the culture. No surprise, it is probably also the shop which has the longest opening times (apart from some supermarkets).

Bakeries open between 5.30 am and 6.30 am every day and close 5.30 pm Monday - Friday, closing around 4 pm Saturday and Sunday.

In the morning, until noon, you find all the famous danish pastries. You will be positively surprised if you are expecting something similar to what is sold as 'danish pastry' around the world. After midday the cream cakes come out, intended for the afternoon coffee. These make another impressive large selection.
White bread-loaves are plentiful too. You can find any possible combination of flour and grains.
Brown loaves are rye-bread which is the traditional bread for lunch and worth trying.

To find the best baker in your area, take a tour around on a Sunday morning. There will be a long line in the street in front of the best one.

A big Sunday breakfast with lots of pastries is what Danes love.  

There is clearly no dress-code, and it can be quite fun to look at people in the line on a Sunday morning. It is quite clear who just fell out of bed, has been up and organised for hours, who was at a party the night before and came straight to the bakery!

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