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Copenhagen - Specialty shops and Delicatessens

Foreign food and delicatessens, where to find a coveted food items in Copenhagen

More and more large supermarkets have a foreign food section where ingredients for Chinese, Japanese and Mexican cuisine can be found. Specialized shops are on the rise too.  

You can find shops specialized in Italian delicatessen, coffee, wine or organic products.

Organic in danish is økologisk.


Products and items related to the Arab culture, where you can find spices, olives and some different vegetables and fruit, are more or less gathered in Nørrebro and the main street - Nørrebrogade.


Asian products are mostly situated behind the main station, hovedbanegården, in the area around Istedgade. These are Chinese and Thai supermarkets and most of the products you might need for cooking, such as spices, sauces, ready made food, and even the pots. Some of them have spices and fresh vegetables air-freighted weekly.




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