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Singapore - Culture

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West meets East in Singapore. It is a modern city with a spectacular arts complex called Esplanade on the Bay which opened in October 2002. Two large theatres, two smaller theatres and areas for outdoor performance are combined with a bayside promenade and lots of restaurants, cafes and shops to make a really lively cultural space. Singapore also has a rich heritage of traditional Chinese, Malay and Indian art, theatre and music, which is made accessible to everyone through bilingual programs and advertising.

Singapore has four official languages – English, Chinese, Tamil and Malay. 

Children are educated in English and also study their ‘mother tongue’. The business of government and the legal system is conducted in English. 

Staff in hotels, restaurants and shops all speak English. 

The language and cultural mix means that you can enjoy Chinese opera, traditional Indian dance and Hindi movies as well as cinema and theatre in English.

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