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Kuwait is a country of contrasts. Although "westernised" in many ways, cultural traditions are valued and the Islamic religious heritage plays a very important role in the day-to-day life for the Kuwaiti people. Above all else, whether you are visiting Kuwait or here as a resident it is vital that you respect local customs and traditions. The Kuwaiti people, when you get to know them, are extremely hospitable and friendly. Culture is everything, from children's festivals to museums and a good book or the appreciation of local customs. Are you ready for it? Paguro has the information you need!

Kuwait - Expat associations and social clubs
Kuwait has a lively expatriate community that is organized in various clubs and associations. Explore and find your way around.
Kuwait - Books, magazines and music
Kuwait City - Cinemas
Kuwait - Clubs and bars
Kuwait - Continuing education
Kuwait city - Cultural Centers
Kuwait City - Embassies and consulates
Kuwait - Events
Kuwait - Suggested reading
Books on Kuwait worth taking a look at.
Kuwait - Teenagers hangouts
Kuwait - Media overview
Radio, TV and internet in Kuwait City
Kuwait City - Museum
Kuwait - National and local holidays
Kuwait City - Opera Dance Concert Theater
Kuwait City - Libraries
Kuwait - Local Customs
Kuwait - Free magazines

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