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Kuwait - National and local holidays

Customary holidays

25th February - National Day
26th February - Liberation Day

Ethnic and religious holidays 

All Muslim holidays are dated according to lunar cycles and therefore the dates change each year. See the Arab Times or Kuwait Times for further details.   

January /December    Start of Haj                     
January  Eid Al-Adha                 
February  Islamic New Year        
April    Prophet’s Birthday       
October    Ramadan                       
November   Eid Al-Fitr                    

The dates of the religious holidays in 2006 are listed below:
20th December  Start of Haj                    
9th January - 29th December  Eid Al-Adha                  
30th January  Islamic New Year         
9th April  Prophet’s Birthday       
September  Ramadan                        
October   Eid Al-Fitr

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