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During the next few weeks, you will discover here a comprehensive look at the city of Pekanbaru, the nearby village of Rumbai and an insight into life in the jungle!

With Paguro’s presence on the ground, you will get a firsthand feel of what to expect, what to bring as well as capture both the challenges and rewards which living on the island of Sumatra can provide.

Keeping information current on the web gives us the innovation which no guidebook can fully capture and demonstrates the complexities of cultural differences and living abroad.

Paguro's information about Pekanbaru is made even more complete by the contribution and experience of not just an author, but its members who have provided help, so feel free to contribute, we like hearing from you.

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Pekanbaru - Hotels
where to stay in Pekanbaru
Pekanbaru - Internet
Pekanbaru - Phone
Pekanbaru - Volunteer jobs
Volunteering in any capacity on the island of Sumatra offers a great opportunity to get involved - just try asking around, you can get enormous experience and learn more about your surroundings.
Pekanbaru - What is not available locally
a list of items which could be scarce or unavailable locally

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