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Pekanbaru - Phone


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There are two ways of international  communication by phone, house phone and cell phone.
To call somebody abroad from Indonesia :
By house phone, just dial:
SLI (Sambungan Langsung Internasional/International Direct Connection):
01017-country code-city code-phone number
007-country code-city code-phone number
001-country code-phone number
For phone call within Indonesia
From abroad to house phone in Indonesia just dial:
International  connection code from the caller’s country-62(Indonesia country code)-761(Pekanbaru city code)-phone number.
To place a long distance call from Pekanbaru to Jakarta, for example, dial:
021(Jakarta area code)-phone number
By cell phone:
International call:
+ (country code)-phone number
To cell phone in Indonesia:
Just replace 0 with Indonesia country code. For example to call 0815375553 just press:
+62(Indonesia country code)815375553
To place a long distance call to a house phone in Jakarta, for example, just press:
021(Jakarta area code)-phone number
To place a call to any cell phone in Indonesia just digit the number directly.

In order to operate a cell phone in Pekanbaru, user could choose either buying a telephone voucher (easily obtained at any cell phone stall) or registering their cell phone to the provider and pay a monthly bill.
Cell phone providers: The most advisable ones are Telkomsel and Indosat.

Below are listed the name of service products for each company
Pasca bayar = monthly subscription
Pra bayar = voucher

For monthly subscription you need to have
- Passport
- Letter of recommendation from the place of working

Pasca bayar: Halo
Pra bayar: Simpati and As

Pasca bayar
:  Matrix
Pra bayar: Mentari

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