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Pekanbaru - Volunteer jobs

Volunteering in any capacity on the island of Sumatra offers a great opportunity to get involved - just try asking around, you can get enormous experience and learn more about your surroundings.

It is important to gain approval from the relevant authorities to work in any capacity as a  volunteer in any area of Indonesia.
This is due to the fact that visas have to be relevant to the actual job and are granted by the authorities under very strict controls.

This is understandably to ensure the provision of jobs is maintained for qualified and local people wherever possible.

However, this should not deter you from looking around, either before you go or once you have arrived as there are fantastic and rewarding opportunities to contribute whether or as a volunteer or contributor; from children’s welfare projects, to the protection of animals, flora, fauna and the environment or to reaction and relief to natural disasters that occur so often in Indonesia.

The scope is tremendous - local associations, churches, Muslim or religious groups, learning and occupational organizations, environmental groups as well as ethnic associations or self sustainable projects are all in much evidence all over Indonesia.
Each of these are usually working on the implementation of one or other projects and these are just a few ideas of where to start and represent fantastic avenues for integrating into a different culture, as well as learning new skills AND seeing life from a different perspective.

Elephants, tigers and orangutan, particularly on the island of Sumatra are all endangered species and these projects always have needs that you can contribute towards at a local level in terms of fund raising.

Non government schools and welfare societies are constantly in need of resources and they usually have special ongoing projects. The best way to find out about these is to ask around - be sure not to overstep the mark in terms of getting involved in doing jobs that are already filled; for example helping to teach a foreign language at a school where there is someone employed to do this.

As you find opportunities, let others know using the suggestion box on the home page.

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