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Germany - Pets

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When moving to a new country with your pet, you need answers to many questions.  What paperwork do you ned to complete? What about vaccinations and health certificates? What are the quarantine requirements? And when you have settled in, you may need to find a kennel or good vet. Paguro has all this and more.

More than one third of households in Germany have at least one pet. The animals range from cats and dogs to horses, rodents like guinea pigs and hamsters, ornamental birds and fish and other aquarium animals. Special permission needs to be granted to keep 'dangerous'animals such as particular breeds of dog, tigers and poisonous snakes.

Dogs seem to be far more popular than cats. Dogs are allowed everywhere, except in churches. They are allowed to travel free with their owners on public transport (unless there is more than one animal per person, then the child fare must be paid for each animal).

Author's comment: while dogs do not sit up on the seat in restaurants, they are allowed to sit on the floor or under the table. Of course this can vary from place to place, so it is better to enquire ahead of time.

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