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Germany - Pets Paperwork

To bring a pet into Germany, you must have a certificate from the official animal department in your home country stating that your pet has had a rabies vaccine within the last year (but not within the last 30 days). Animals less than three months of age, travelling with their mother do not need the vaccination certificate, but the mother does!

When bringing your animal back into Germany the following restrictions apply:
The animal must have had a rabies vaccine within the last year (but not within the last 30 days). A dog must undergo a lab test (only recognized labs) 30 days after the last rabies vaccination, but no longer than 3 month before entering Germany or the EU, for Rabies-Antibody-Titer. Look up: for more detailed information.

You can only bring in a maximum of three animals into Germany. There are also restrictions on the types of animals you may import, so check before you come!
You can bring in a mother with her entire litter, as long as the litter is less than three months old. In this case only the mother needs to be vaccinated against rabies.

In addition to this, you must have an international certificate for your animal's health.
Since October 2004 we have a new law in the EU. If you want to travel within the European Community with your pet, you have to carry a passport with all vaccination details up to date. The pet has to also have a micro chip with ID-number, which has to show in the passport.

Pet Owner Insurance, "Tierhalter-Haftpflichtversicherung"
German law is very strict about the responsibility, both civil and financial, that an owner bears for their pet. If your pet causes some sort of injury or damage - including the case where the animal bites an intruder on your own property - you are legally liable for all damages. Tierhalter-Haftpflichtversicherung is 'indispensible' for dog and horse owners and is also available for.....cats, hamsters, and budgerigars!

Some general liability insurance policies ("Haftpflichtversicherung") may already include your pets as dependents, so check with your insurance company first.




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