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Germany - When Pets Leave the Country

If you buy an animal whilst in Germany and intend to take it back to your home country, check the quarantine regulations for bringing an animal into your home country first. This will save you and the animal unnecessary distress when the time comes to leave.

Before travelling abroad with your pet, you must fulfill all the requirements for the land you're travelling to. Certificates for the animal's health and vaccination records can be obtained from the official animal department.

Rabies injections are essential for entrance to all countries. The most recent rabies vaccination must be within the last year, but no sooner than 30 days before travel.

Many countries demand an international vaccination certificate, and a certificate of health from your vet and/or the official animal department for all four-legged friends.

Additional health requirements and/or restrictions for bringing animals into other countries can be found at
under "Tiere im Ausland."

If travelling within the European Community you have to have a passport for your pet with updated vaccines as well as the number of the microchip in it.

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