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Munich - Services

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Moving around means relying on a lot of support. Paguro has put together a selection of services that may be of use for a family on the move. These can be airlines, moving companies, relocation companies, international health insurances, doctors, tax consultant and more.


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Munich - Alterations and Tailors
Munich - Beauty Care
Munich - Car Rentals
Munich - Car Repairs
Munich - Catering
Munich - Cleaners and Laundromats
Munich - Cross Cultural Training
Munich - Global Tax Companies
Munich - Hairdressers
Munich - Health Insurance Companies
Munich - House Inspections
Munich - House Repair and Maintenance
Munich - Massage
Munich - Personal Care
Munich - Photocopying
Munich - Photography
Munich - Real Estate Services
Munich - Relocation Services
Munich - Renting a Car
Munich - Services for the Disabled

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