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Munich - Car Repairs

Car Repair 'Autoreparaturen'
Car repair in Munich is very expensive, particularly if you do not know a trusted mechanic and take your car to the manufacturer's repair shop. There is no mobile repair and tuning service, so you always have to take your car to the repairer, they don't come to you. If your car is seriously sick and will not drive itself to a repairer, call ADAC on their breakdown number + 49 (0) 180 222 2222.

Every two years your car must have an exhaust check and a full inspection. Any faults found during the inspection must be immediately repaired. Inspectors come around to TÜV approved car repairers on a regular basis, so you can kill two birds with the one stone and get your car repaired as well as inspected at the same place. Tell the firm when you are booking the service that you also require a "TÜV Inspection", pronounced "toof inspekzeeon".

When you notice a problem with your car and you ring up to book a service 'Wartung', the people will ask you what is wrong with the car. If it's something to do with the engine/motor then just say "Motor", pronounced "moetaw". You do not need to go into huge details, particularly if your German is weak. Generally someone in the office will at least speak English if you're having problems in German.

Like everything in Germany, car repairs also have to be planned well in advance. Expect to wait at least a week for your appointment.

The following car repairers do good, if not expensive, repair work, and speak some English:

Mahag (for VW and Audi)
Schleibingerstr 12-16
Tel: + 49 (0) 89 480 010


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