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Munich - Renting a Car

Car rental 'Autovermietung'
Most of the major world-wide companies have multiple branches in Munich and throughout Europe. For a list, see 'Rental Car Companies'. Some companies have restrictions on which countries you may drive the car through, and this will be brought into question if you are involved in an accident or other traffic violation.

The price you are quoted usually covers the car and compulsory third party personal insurance, and generally unlimited kilometres. If you wish to take out insurance against third party property damage and/or comprehensive insurance for the vehicle, then this will cost you extra, calculated on a daily rate. All the insurances have a high excess charge should you need to make a claim. You can reduce this amount by paying a little more.

Depending on the company, the restrictions on who may drive the vehicle are less rigid than what you may be used to. For instance, Europcar requires drivers to be at least 19, and to have had their licence for a minimum of one year. Sixt requires drivers to be 18, and to have a licence. The country in which your licence was issued is irrelevant. Of course, to have a second driver, you have to pay an extra daily rate.

You do not need to drop the car off at the same place - or even the same country! - where you picked it up. It is generally a good idea to book by phone or over the internet in advance, although you can turn up in person at the airport or other hiring centres. If the model you booked is not available, then you generally get a cheaper car at a cheaper price, or a more expensive model at the same price. If you just walk in, then you must pay for what is available at the going rate. If you find you need the car for longer than you originally agreed, you can usually extend the hire over the phone. Be aware that many companies will charge a Sunday or public holiday surcharge if you wish to pick up or return the car on one of these days.


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