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Denmark - Relocation guide


When moving to Denmark there is a clear order of procedures.

You can either do all this yourself, or contact a relocation agent to assist you. The links you will need for more specific information on each of these you will find in the bottom of this page.

  • Once you have your work contract, get your company to write the letter stating why they need right you for this particular job in Denmark. You need this for your residence/work permit.
  • Apply for your residence/work permit, documents needed are specified in the appropriate document below.
  • Familiarize yourself with the tax system. You might be able to apply the 25% tax scheme.
  • Do you have a pet, check the procedure for importing an animal.
  • At this stage it is a good idea to spend a couple of days in the country to start looking for accommodation. (You just enter on a normal visitors visa, if you should need a visa.) You must have you new address when you register at the National Registration office(Folkeregister) which will be your next step, once you have your residence permit.
  • A good idea would also be to familiarise yourself with schools or kindergartens, if you have children, in order for you to assure your child in a facility you like. This might be useful also in connection to where you should look for your new home.
  • At this stage you can also get your appointment with the bank to open your account. They tend to be forthcoming, allowing you to open your account, even before you have your CPR number. They make everything ready, you can use your account, only you will have to wait for your CPR number to arrive, to be able to have your credit/debit card and use your home banking.
  • New home found, you go and register yourself in the Registration Office of the area in which you live. You can ask this information from your rental or relocation agent. Few weeks after registering you will get your personal identity number(CPR number) which allows you to benefit from all social services in the country, including medical. You chose your family doctor at the National Registration Office.

As far as your belonging are concerned your shipping/moving company will take care of custom procedures, and deliver to your home. You should not need do anything unless you are planning to bring your car to the country.



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