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Denmark - Driving License

Danish driving license

In order to obtain a driving license in Denmark, you must have a permanent address registration in Denmark.
Driving education can start 3 months before the 18th birthday (only accompanied by authorized driving instructors).
The theory test can be sustained one month before the 18th birthday. The practical test cannot be done earlier than the 18th birthday date.
To obtain a driving license a student must receive by law a minimum number of hours of theoretical and practical instruction and a compulsory 7 hours first aid course.

Minimum requirements by law are:
- 28 lessons of theory instruction
- 4 lesson with driving instructor in an enclosed area on initial manoeuvre track
- 7 hours first aid course
- 4 driving lessons on advanced slippery and wet ground manoeuvre track
- 2 theory lessons on advanced slippery and wet ground manoeuvre track
- 16 driving lessons in traffic

IMPORTANT: Lessons duration cannot be less than 45 minutes each.

Exchanging a foreign driving license

Anyone in possession of a valid driving license from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or any EU country can exchange it for a Danish EU-license without undertaking any examination or practical test.

Holders of driving license from a non-EU country can exchange their driving license, if it meets the minimum requirements under Danish Law, although they still have to pass a theoretical and practical test. The test can be done in English, or with the help of a translator.

Driving license offices are located in the city police stations and in the district offices of smaller towns.

For the conversion you need to go the police station in your neighborhood (look for Politi in the phone book first pages) with the following:
- valid driving license
- official identification with CPR number
- passport or original birth certificate
- valid residence permit or residence certificate unless you legally can stay in Denmark without a permit
- a passport size photograph
- medical certificate stating you are fit for driving
- DKK 260

Penalty Point System

Denmark has implemented in September 1st 2005 the penalty point system for driving violations, which means that for certain road violations, beside getting a fine, you may also get penalty points which are registered with the police. Each penalty point is kept in your file for three years, after which it gets deleted.

If you get three penalty points within three years, your driving license is conditionally suspended; new motorist have their driving license suspended after two points.

Conditional suspension means that you can keep your driving licence if you pass a driving test (i.e. a theory test and a practical driving test) within three months. Should you not pass the tests the police will retain your driving license until you do pass. With a conditional suspension, you are "on probation" for 3 years.

If during your probation period you violate traffic regulations which would results in conditional suspension, your licence will then be suspended unconditionally for at least 6 months. After the determined period of unconditional suspension you will have to pass both the theoretical and practical test before being allowed back on the roads. 

Penalty point violations

Road violation that will result in one penalty point:
- Exceed the speed limit by more than 30%
- Drive with too short a distance to the vehicle in front
- Drive in the emergency lane in violation of the Regulations
- Drive with passengers under 15 years of age with seat belts unfastened
- Ignore the red traffic light
- Violate the rule about giving way to approaching traffic
- Violate the rules about overtaking or a prohibition of overtaking
- Pass the barrier-lines in overtaking
- Increase speed when you are being overtaken
- Overtake at a pedestrian crossing
- Drive in the direction opposite to that of the traffic in your lane
- Drive slalom or overtake in dense traffic
- Change direction or position in a way dangerous for other road-users
- Drive to the left of a traffic island
- Race with other vehicles
- Drive over a railway track, ignoring a stop signal
- Fail to ensure that passengers between 8 and 15 years of age use a crash-helmet on a motorcycle

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