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Denmark - Driving tips

Danes are not aggressive drivers and overall follow the rules, which is why they have little tolerance for people who do not abide by them.
The age to drive cars in Denmark is 18, for moped  license is 16.

Do's and dont's

Overtake always on the left side of the car to overpass.

Always signal when changing lanes, also on high-ways.

Most importantly, look out for the bicycles! Bicycles always have priority rights. There are traffic lights just for the bicycles, many bicycle lanes, but also many roads without.
In some intersections bicycle paths are painted a bright blue color.
Be very careful when making a right turn, look over your shoulder for the bicycles!
Cyclist are numerous and some go very fast, they are right there before you know it.
Bikers are not at all intimidated by the risk a car represents to them.

Driving with the lights on is compulsory, also during the day.
It is not allowed to speak in a hand-held mobile phone while driving in Denmark.

Seat Belts

The use of fitted seat belts is compulsory for persons over 3 years of age. Driver and passengers have to wear a seat belt when travelling in Denmark.

Children under 3 years of age must be secured with approved safety equipment appropriate to the child's age, size and weight.

Children shorter than 135 cm must have the appropriate equipment to be able to wear a seat belt. Safety equipment for children is sold in children's equipment shops.

Drinking and driving

People found driving under the influence of alcohol receive:
- a suspension of your driving licence suspended
  0.51 - 1.2 parts per thousand:  Suspended license (new motorist: driving prohibition)
  over 1.2 parts per thousand:  Unconditional suspension for at least 3 years
- a fine where the amount is calculated in function of alcohol level
  Example: Monthly salary: 15,000 DKK
                 Alcohol concentration: 0.6 ppt
                 Fine: 15,000 x 0.6 = 9,000 DKK
  0.51 - 2.0 parts per thousand: Fine = net monthly income x alcohol concentration (ppt).
  over 2.0 ppt: 20 days suspended prison plus a fine equal to one month's net income.
- a compulsory attendance to Alcohol and Traffic Class (4 lessons of 2½ hours each)
The cost to be born by the offending driver (roughly 2000 DKK) .
Penalties for repeating offenders are higher !

Speed Limits

Speed limits are strictly enforced, and fines are high, so watch out for the speed limit signs on the road side. In many places there are electronic speed controls.
In city areas speed limits are 50 km/hour, some places 40.

Around all schools: 40 km/hour. 
Maximum speed on high ways is generally 110 km/hour, with few stretches at 130 km/hour.

Stricter rules are applied for drivers between 18 and 24 yrs old.


If you car has not already got it, get yourself the little clock you stick on the the inside, in the front window of your car, to indicate at which time you parked.
Apart from residential areas, out of town, there will always be parking rules.

It is forbidden to park on bicycle paths and pedestrian crossings
At bus stops, where the kerb is painted in yellow or within 12 metres of a bus stop sign.

Payment is often required, when parking within the city limit.

Some areas will have signs indicating the time you can park for free (1 or 2 hours). Anywhere payment is required there are parking meter where you can buy a parking ticket, which you have to place inside your car in good view for the parking officer.

Parking officer are very strict and will fine you if you are 1 meter short from the required distance from bus stop, junction etc, if you go over even for only 5 minutes of your parking ticket etc. 

The fine is around 50 Euro.

City residents can buy a special parking permit. Beboerlicens in Danish. The application form is only in Danish. In the first paragraph bank numbers are written, and you are expected to pay either through your home banking, or get your bank to help you.

Application form:

Marguerite Scenic Route

A tourist route of roughly 3,500 km identified by the sign of a daisy with brown background. The road snakes through more than one thousand of Denmark's tourist attractions, it is winding and at times bends are too sharp and narrow for larger vehicle (caravans, trailer) to be able to pass.

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