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Stockholm - Food shopping

General information

Apart from European ingredients you can find here ingredients for the preparation of more "ethnic" food from all over the world. For example, Thai food has become popular so most stores now have a reasonable selection of ingredients like coconut milk, fresh Thai basil and lemon grass. If you cannot find what you need in the normal store you can always go to the specialized shops.

In the same supermarket you can buy also fruits and vegetables. The choice is sometimes limited. If you want to buy good quality fresh fruits and vegetables the best places to go to are the outdoor markets like the one in Hötorget in the city center.

Don't forget that you pay for the bags you use for your grocery and you have to pack them yourself. If you want home delivery, most stores can help you for a fee. NK department store offers internet shopping for groceries including home delivery.

Food items are quite expensive since they are taxed at 25%. The only way to save on your grocery is to buy what is on offer at the time since the price varies considerably. Items on offer are advertised in the local paper or directly on the shop windows and delivered free of charge at your place.

At your supermarket you can buy only the mildest beer with 2.8% or 3.5% alcohol but you cannot buy stronger beer or spirits. Alcohol may be bought only from the state monopoly shops (called Systembolaget). There are over 300 such outlets throughout the country and sales can be made only to
persons aged 20 and over. Beer is graded according to alcoholic content: grade III (export) being the strongest, grade II (lager) and grade I (pilsner) the mildest. Local brands include Pripps, Falcon and Spendrups. There is a wide choice of wines available from all over the world.

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