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Stockholm - Bread, cake and pastry

Birthday cakes
Swedish people love cakes so there are lots of bakeries in Stockholm. You can buy cakes directly "off-the-shelf" or you can order one especially designed for you anywhere. One famous bakery is in "NK" (Hamngatan 18-20, 111 47 Stockholm) that is the largest department store in the centre of Stockholm.

The traditional Swedish bread is the dry bread which can be made from white floor or wholemeal (fulkorn). Up to ten years ago it was difficult to find freshly baked bread in Sweden. Now you can find a lot of different types that are very simply recognizable since they are named after the country of origin. So, for example, you have Italienska brödd that is the Italian bread and so on.

Cakes and pastries
Most of the grocery stores have a cake and pastry section where you can buy these items "off the shelf".

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