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Oslo - Local recipe books

The following cookery books can be recommended if you are interested in learning to cook typical Norwegian food (available in most bookshops).

  • The Norwegian Kitchen
    By Kjell E. Innli (ed), Kom Forlag, Kristiansand 1998 (or newer).
  • Norwegian Menus
    By G. Jerman (ed), Index Publishing, Oslo 1998.
  • Norway's Delight
    By Elise Sverdrup, Aschehoug Forlag, Oslo 1998.
  • Norsk Mat
    By Aase Strømstad, Boksenteret Forlag, Oslo.
  • Norsk mat til alle tider
    By M. Bjerkås and I. Thoresen, Gyldendal Forlag, Oslo1996.
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