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Oslo - Expat jobs and careers

It is becoming increasingly common for many professionals to work from a home office or take project work with them when relocating. You may be able to negotiate such an arrangement with your current or potential employer. Alternatively, self-employment can offer great flexibility, and many ex pats, especially spouses of relocated employees, find that self-employment is the solution for their career. Should you decide to set up your own business and work as self-employed (selvstendig næringsdrivende) while your are in Norway, the following information will be useful:

If you choose to work freelance you will need to submit your tax card to all the companies you work for. They will deduct the tax from what they have to pay you. Alternatively, you could set up your business as a sole proprietorship (enkeltforetak). To get started, you get all the necessary information, as well as an enterprise number (organisasjonsnummer) for your business, from the Norwegian business registry(Brønnøysundregistren) at:

  • Brønnyøsund Register Centre
    Havneg. 48
    Tel: + 47 (75) 00 7500

You need to calculate your tax in advance and pay your tax four times a year. The tax office (skattekontoret or likningskontoret) will provide the forms you need and advice you on the paperwork, as well as planning ahead with expenses:

  • Oslo kemnerkontor (taxoffice)
    Olav Vsg. 4
    Tel: + 47 (22) 36 9090

Should you have an annual revenue exceeding NOK 30 000 (this may change), you have to calculate a VAT (MVA or merverdiavgif t , also called MOMS). For more information about how to do this and to find out if your business might be exempt from this, contact the county tax office at:

  • Oslo Fylkesskattekontor
    Fred Olsensg. 11
    Tel: + 47 (23) 14 8400/+ 47 (815) 00 799 

For tax questions, you can also contact the Norwegian Taxpayer Association at:

It is advisable to register your business with the national insurance office (trygdekontoret), to make sure you are entitled to insurance payments to cover sickness or injury. Also, a private insurance is advisable in case of financial loss (see Insurance). For more information and help in setting up your business, you can contact the service office for businesses at:

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