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Mexico - Food

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Where can you find a catering service or the ingredients for baking a cake? You might want to find a vegetarian restaurant or a recipe book - where do you go? Paguro tells you what is available and what to keep in mind when you shop for food.

Mexican Food is known all around the world and has become a favourite of many.  The food you know in your own country as ' Mexican' may not be as authentic as you would believe though.  Often Mexican food has been changed to cater more to the palates of the host country, which is not necessarily a bad thing!  It may mean that you get a surprise when you move to Mexico and find that the food is not what you were expecting.  However, with all those fresh ingredients, how can you go wrong!  It will just take a little while for your palates to adjust.

Good food can be found here everywhere.  There will be some items that you don't recognize, but mostly most of the things on sale will be familiar to you.  You will find lots of European style restaurants and the supermarkets will stock things that you are used to buying.  Sometimes it takes a while to get used to the different packaging, so at first your favourite items might be hard to find because they are packaged in different colours or found in different sections.

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Mexico - Food and Water

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