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Mexico City - Children

A path criterion

Mexico offers a variety of cultural and sports activities for children. Most families join a sports club where children can socialize, learn and practice a new sport/activity, and the whole family can spend time together on weekends. Other families prefer short getaways during the weekend, to spend time together, escape the city for a while, and get to know one of the many hidden treasures of Mexico City's vicinity, like Cuernavaca, Puebla or Valle de Bravo, to name a few.

Useful vocabulary 

Birthday cumpleaños
Clothes   ropa
Cold (illness) gripe, resfriado
Cold (weather) frio
Babysitter        niñera
Child                niño(boy)/niña (girl)
Eat      comer
Elementary school escuela primaria
Family                 familia
Father      padre
Food            comida
Friend                 amigo/amiga
Game          juego
Kindergarten Kindergarden, guarderia
Mother        madre
Pain         dolor
Painful          doloroso
Play (v.)      jugar
Playground      juegos
Party           fiesta
Sports           deportes
Thirst             sed
Thirsty     sediento
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