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Mexico City - Activities

Activities for smaller children     

Many of the fast food restaurants have activity centers and schools have play equipment, so the latter especially are excellent meeting grounds for young children.

Weekend outings

Most of my friends have found a lot of comfort and relief from traffic and pollution by renting or buying a weekend home. The most popular choices of weekend homes for expatriates are: Valle de Bravo and Cuernavaca. You can ask your realtor to help you find one at a monthly, daily or weekend rate.
But I assure you that there is no way of getting bored in Mexico City. There is just too much to do. I strongly recommend that you buy a magazine named: Tiempo Libre. It lists each and every important cultural/sports event in Mexico City every week. You can find this magazine at newsstands and Sanborn's stores.
The Reforma newspaper also features an interesting section named Primera Fila, on Fridays. 

The Mexico City Government has set up a hotline, Locatel
Tel: + 52 (55) 5658 1111
This number covers an incredibly wide variety of emergency and non-emergency issues, including the "Sports hotline"  ("Linea Deportiva"), to provide information regarding spaces, schedules, addresses and directions for the public sports infrastructure of Mexico City. This service is free of charge.

Early stimulation centers for children and toddlers, featuring "mommy and me" classes. 20 locations throughout Mexico City. We suggest to access their website and find the Gymboree nearest your home.

Mexico DF

Many sports take place either at a sub-division, league or suburb level. Ask the local school or a neighbor. For individual contacts for the sports you are interested in, please look at the section on 'Sports'.
Some sports and activities have age restrictions.

Places to visit with children  


  • Bioparque Estrella
    It is a nature center with zoo, animal exhibits, and rides. It is located outside Mexico City. In their website you will find the exact directions and map to get there driving or by bus.

Amusement Parks

  • Six Flags
  • Divertido
    Boulevard Manuel Avila Camacho No. 758
    Col. Santa Cruz Acatlan
    Estado de Mexico
    Tel: + 52 (55) 5360 6363
    email [email protected]
    This is a small amusement park, resembling a local fair with rides and games for the whole family.
  • Ice Skating rinks
    Pista San Jeronimo
    Ave. Contreras 300
    Col. San Jerónimo Lídice
    En el Sur de la Ciudad de México.
    Tel: + 52 (55) 5683 1929/+ 52 (55) 5683 6767
    For information on family and hobby entertainment, ask the school for local groups or read the newspaper or the school newsletter.

Scouts Club activities guides

Family entertainment

Be sure to visit the Chapultepec forest, which is a wide green area -essential in this huge city- encompassing museums, cultural centers, amusement parks, a zoo and lakes, and is crisscrossed by access routes.
Here we list the main spots of interest for families around the Chapultepec area.

1. Chapultepec Castle and Nat. Museum of History
3. Caracol Historical Museum
4. Niños Héroes Memorial
5. Modern Art Museum
6. Rufino Tamayo Museum
7. Antropology Museum
8. Casa del Lago
9. Zoo
10. Botanical Gardens
11. Auditorio Nacional - concert hall
12. Del Bosque Cultural Centre
13. Campo Marte Flag
14. Lago Mayor - lake
15. Molino del Rey State House
16. Amusement Park
17. Technology Museum
18. Papalote Children's Museum - world class interactive museum for children 19. Natural History Museum
20. Hall of Fame Cemetery

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