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Mexico City - Plants

  • Cactaceas Mexicanas
    They ship the cactus you select from their website to your home. Minimum order is 500 pesos
  • Jardin Jonacatepec
    This is another online shop for all of your garden, be it flowers, trees, agave....
  • If you just need a few plants for your garden or some herbs, locate the Home Depot nearest you. They carry quite a good selection of plants and trees as well.
  • Blumen
    Blvd Magnocentro s/n
    Centro Urbano Sn. Fernando La Herradura
    C.P. 52760
    Tel: + 52 (55) 5290 0441
  • Walmart, Chedraui and Superama have fresh flowers.

Av. S.T.I.M. could be called the street of flowers and plants. Left and right you find stores with breathtaking arrangements and prices are lower than in other stores. Two recommended stores are:

  • Los Tulipanes
    Av. Stim 102
    El Chamizal
    Tel: + 52 (55) 5245 8246
    This family makes arrangements with bamboo for example, beautiful. But also normal or extravagant arrangements and the price is very good. They attend you with respect and if you buy something there, they will offer you one flower just for you. Home delivery without extra fee.
  • Floreria Tomas Elizalde
    Av. Stim 94
    Lomas del Chamizal
    Tel: + 52 (55) 5049 2070
    If you know what kind of plants or flower arrangements you would like, you can pay over the phone with your American Express card (only). They too will offer you one flower if you purchased something there. People are very friendly. Home delivery

You can also look around your neighborhood for small "Viveros". They are likely to be very close to you and carry a good selection of plants and are not that expensive.

If you need to fill your house with flowers, watch out for stands all over the city on road corners and go to Av. Stim. You will find lovely flowers for a more or less good price. But in general you will see, that plants and flowers do not come cheap in Mexico.

Sometimes you will also be able to purchase flowers while waiting for a traffic light to turn green. People will come by your car offering flowers for a good price. But you are expected to try and get a better bargain. Just, be quick if you find something you like. If you are still arguing the price when the light turns green, you will hear a lot of honks from people wanting you to go on.